Producing specialities yourself

On request Christine cooks and bakes with adults and children.

Especially popular is the production of

  • Brätzeli (Bernese pastry)
  • Rösti
  • Pizza on the grill
  • Älplermaggronen
  • Potato gratin

Baking Pizza

Ingredients are prepared as required:

  • Pizza dough kneaded
  • Tomato sauce produced
  • Ham and onions cut
  • Mozzarella and Raclette cheese diced
  • Pineapple, etc. sliced

The grill is hot and ready when the pizzas are topped.

Of course you can also help with the preparations!

Brätzeli making

Der Teig wird fertig vorbereitet.

Kugeln formen, backen ... und essen!


Decorating Easter eggs

Search for herbs


  • cover with herbs
  • fixate with stockings
  • simmer in onion stock
  • unpack and enjoy.